Eclectic Oasis

The project we like to call Eclectic Oasis is one where we got to let color and pattern run free. We used color and pattern to create a space that was visually interesting and allowed the eye to wander around the room and wonder what could be around the corner. This client trusted the process and turned out with a home that is uniquely theirs.

Living Room by Jade Interior Design

A Living Room with Structure

In the living room, we played up the colors red and blue. The client was drawn to these colors, and we let that shine. Using a patterned red fabric on the club chairs allowed us to carry that color over onto the wing back chairs creating a flow of the grander idea. The decision for a neutral sofa was for the purpose of bringing in the color and pattern in with custom pillows.


In the bedroom, we stuck with more cool tones to make it a place of respite after a long day of work. Having a pattern on the custom drapery draws the eye up and around the room making it feel larger. The large lumbar pillow on the bed draws inspiration from the colors and patterns of the drapery behind it. The natural jute rug underfoot provides grounding in the otherwise exciting environment.

Bedroom by Jade Interior Design
Kitchen island by Jade Interior Design


The kitchen is open to the living room and needed to fit the same color pallet. We chose a red crock vinyl to bring in the red from the living room. The lighting is simple but impactful over the island with gold and black accents. The choice to change the paint color on the cabinets was for the purpose of creating warmth within the kitchen.