Rosemary Avenue

The project on Rosemary Avenue in Rosemary Beach, Florida was a top to bottom JADE project. We selected everything from lighting, furnishings, flooring, countertops, hardware, and more. This client allowed JADE to be their one-stop shop for everything in their home. 

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A Living Room with Structure

In the living room, you can see the vision come to life in the textiles, furnishing, and finishes. The client wanted a place where people felt welcome and relaxed. This is accomplished by the use of comfortable furniture, soft rugs, and drapery to frame out the room.


Since this property was used part time as a rental the bedrooms needed to be cozy and practical for a large group of people. We used color and clean lines to create a space that was visually appealing as well as comfortable and tranquil. One of the bedrooms is built out with bunks for large parties to enjoy. The color choice of each room was important to make every room become an experience for the guests the house might hold, as well as for the clients.

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The kitchen and dining room are one large open concept space in this home. Having a cohesive design that brought the two spaces together was important. The tile, countertops and hardware were selected by JADE. Using a clean line dining table and cleanable dining chairs it made for a dining room that was inviting and livable. The space under the window was taken advantage of by creating a window seat to curl up and read a book or have a cocktail.