An Entry to WOW Guests

The entryway can set the tone for the rest of your home. Whether someone has just dropped by to say hello or to stay awhile, having an entry that makes an impact will impress. 

When walking into a home, the entryway can provide a look into what is to come. This is a place where you want guests to feel comfortable and welcome. Creating a space that has ambient lighting, soft textures, and interesting accessories will leave a lasting impression. 

Regardless of the size of your space, there are some styling tips and tricks to create the entryway of your dreams.


Staple Pieces

It is always important to have a space to set items down. Depending on the size of your entry, a small cabinet or a large console could be the solution here.

clear console
tan cabinent
wood console
tan console


Another great staple is a lamp. We love a good lamp here at JADE. It creates nice ambient lighting in the space. At night in the entry having a lamp on adds warmth and cuts the coldness of the overhead lighting. 

lamp 1
lamp 2
lamp 3
lamp 4


Next up are the accessories. We like to have a box, tray, or bowl on top of the furniture as a place to quickly set down your keys, wallet, or phone. This makes the space seem comfortable and lived in. 


Something soft underfoot is always nice when walking into a space you expect to be welcoming. We suggest a rug that is durable and adds style to the space. 

Determine Your Pallet

The entry is a peek into your home and aesthetic. Having a cohesive color pallet in the entryway will help tie the space into the main areas of your home. The entry palette can also transform during the seasons. In the fall and winter, we want to use tonal accessories and cozy textures to provide a space that is warm and inviting. Whereas in the summer, we might want to use bright colors to create the fun that comes along with summer!

Details, Details, Details 

Like mentioned earlier, one of the most important details on your entry is somewhere to set those essential items down. We love using a box, tray, or basket. 

Adding frames with personal photos is a nice touch in an entryway and a great way to showcase your loved ones. 

Another way to create meaningful details is to mix and match – Mix and match materials, heights, and finishes in accessories, furniture, and lighting to create interesting and unique details. 

Statement Piece

To create a space that looks large and finished, we suggest a mirror or piece of art over your furniture in the entryway. The use of a mirror is useful for those last-minute looks before you leave the house. We suggest using a mirror if it is going to reflect something beautiful, like a light fixture, art across the way, or a space off in the distance. 

mirror 1
mirror 2

If there is no opportunity to reflect something into the mirror, we suggest going with art. Using art in this space is another way to bring in the aesthetic from the rest of your home. Below are two beauties that are currently in our showroom by the talented Donna Rittner Art. 

donna ruttner art 1
donna rittner art 2

If you are looking for more one-on-one help with your entryway or any room in your home, contact us today!