Design Ideas To Elevate Your Bathroom

Here at JADE, the little details help bring together the big picture. In your bathroom having pretty accessories on the counter and soft textures underfoot complete the look of the bathroom, no matter how big or small. 

We love using a luxe soap in a bathroom that guests are going to frequently use. Our favorite line of soap is Cie Luxe, Compagnie De Provence. This line of soap is known for not only having AMAZING scents but also for its beneficial ingredients to keep your skin healthy. These come in a glass container and here at JADE, we carry the refill bottles so you can reuse your original soap bottle. 

A few of our favorite Compagnie De Provence scents are Sweet Almond, Revitalizing Rosemary, and Olive Wood.

Other products that help complete a space are tissue holders, waste baskets, lotion/soap dispensers, and tumblers. Our favorite line of these products are textured and gold of course. You can find these items here at JADE. 

Finally, to finish off the space, we like the use of a bath rug – something plush and soft underfoot. 

Need some more help? We would love to come to accessorize your bathrooms with what you have + some beauties from the store. Contact us here or give us a call today // 504.875.4420.