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How to Style a Bed

Your bed is the first place where you wake up in the morning and the last place you go to bed at night, therefore it should not lack any of the style or comfort of any other part of your home. It is often said that starting your day with your first task being to make your bed can relieve stress and give you a sense of pride that you will carry along with you throughout the day. Therefore, you should create a space that you are comfortable in and proud of. JADE’s interior designer, Sarah Crump, says that “When you have pretty, lush, comfortable bedding it can pull together a bedroom and get you excited to make your bed!” The following are a few tips on how to do that.

Choosing your essentials can arguably be one of the most important steps in creating a comfortable area for you to sleep in.


First, choose a soft comfortable sheet that you will enjoy getting into every night. Two of the most common styles of sheets are cotton and percale. The difference in these fabrics is the way they are woven, this tends to make cotton feel silkier and percale to feel more crisp and cool.


Secondly, choose the coverlet that you would like to lay over your sheets of choice. Below you can click on the photo of the Silken Solid Puff Coverlet, this coverlet is made to be easy to make in the morning. “One-derful and Done,” meaning one shake and the bed is made.

Link to buy Silken Solid Puff Coverlet Twin.


Next up is where it gets a little more exciting, layering. Layering is not just for show and is also for functionality! Adding a throw to the end of your bed can add depth, texture, and show off your personal style. Adding a throw is also functional because you can easily grab it on those chillier nights. Adding pillows and shams is also an extremely functional way to show off your personal style. Pillows and shams add more dimension to your bed by adding more colors, textures, and patterns. The rule of thumb while designing a king-size bed is to include three euros, two king shams, an accent pillow or two and a lumbar. Now, still, wondering how all these pillows on your bed are functional? It is important to have extra pillows on your bed for times when you are not sleeping. These pillows can help you be propped up for reading or Sunday breakfast in bed! Click here to check out some of the pillows and shams we currently have at JADE on Metairie Road.

Below you can see some of the inspiration pictures our interior designer, Sarah, uses when styling a bed. Being that this is your comfort spot, it should be a style that you enjoy and that you want to look at every day. It is important that before starting to style and purchase for your bed that you pick a direction you want to go in.

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